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Engineering is an ever-growing field, and an Engineering degree provides an amazing breadth of opportunities. To meet the needs and goals of our unique students, we have designed our suggested course pathways to be quite flexible. We want our students to talk to advisors and teachers to determine what courses they will find most useful and enjoyable.

However, many students find some structure and guidance useful. Degree requirements are naturally important, but what you must take to graduate differs from what you ought to take to achieve your goals. It may be unclear which courses are particularly relevant for some of the more common job titles or career paths you may be considering.

We therefore designed this page to be a starting point in directing you toward specific employment specializations.

General Advice

A few recommendations apply regardless of career interest. Most students benefit tremendously from doing internships. Internships complement coursework by allowing students to work intensively on a single project using modern technology. Likewise, capstones are valuable for most career paths, again, because employers value project experience in addition to understanding relevant concepts. Research experience is useful regardless of whether you intend to pursue a graduate degree, because the ability to work independently is valuable in many career contexts. It is also an ideal way to get to know individual faculty — and have them know you so they can give you personalized advice.

Many employers care deeply about “soft skills” — written and oral communication, teamwork, time management. Communicating your ideas and organizing yourself are necessary for your technical skills to be useful. Gain experience in these areas.

We encourage you to take courses that interest you even if (or especially if) they are not listed for your career of interest — a fresh perspective is often the seed of creativity.

In a fast moving technical domain like engineering, continuing education (either formally or informally through self-directed learning… think khan academy & youtube) is a necessity — the courses of studies listed below are intended to help you get started in a topic; taking it to the next level is up to you.


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