What is Makerspace?

Open Hours 

High School
Monday – Friday: Periods 5, 6, 8, 9. Please see Mr. Saldicco or Mr. Raney if you would like to incorporate the Makerspace into your class and these times don’t work.

Middle School
Monday – Friday: During Student lunch periods.

Teacher & Staff Tours

We can provide you and your class a tour of our facility. Visit the Tours page to set up an appointment.


You are welcome to be trained at anytime when the Makerspace is open. Walk in and ask any instructor for training on the various tooling.



Carmel High School

We are located on the 1st Floor of Carmel High School up a few steps from the cafeteria.

We’ve also opened a second lab for Makerspace based out of the computer lab in the Technology Annex building. This location utilizes the wood shop, metal shop and computer lab depending on interest that day.

carmel makerspace map.png

George Fischer Middle School

We are located in the Technology Wing of the basement. Students are to sign up during a lunch period if they would like to attend that day.


About Us

The Makerspace is a Teacher assisted student-run invention studio open to all Carmel students, teachers and staff. It is staffed by the Engineering Instructors, student volunteers who are on hand to train you and help with your projects. Use of the studio is free for all students, faculty and staff of Carmel High School & George Fischer Middle School, regardless of year, whether you’ve taken a class in the technology department, or prior experience.


To be the center of self-initiated Design and Innovation on Carmel High School’s Campus and an inspiration to inventors and makers worldwide, changing the way science and technology is experienced around the world.

Our Mission Statement

To support and foster the demand for creative, self-initiated learning on the Carmel High School campus, we create environments for students to make their ideas a reality by providing resources for designing, prototyping, and sharing ideas through workshops, vendor networks, experienced guidance, and access to cutting edge machines.


Makerspace Functions

  • Create the center for an environment needed to foster student’s designs and innovation.
  • Ensure the organization of the Makerspace is self-managing, by creating respective scheduling of monitoring and assigning members to organizing responsibilities.
  • Provide resources for students with the means to access machinery and materials as needed.
  • Offer classes, seminars, and workshops to students. Get these learning opportunities advertised campus wide by means of flyers, professors, and departmental communications.
  • Expand by way of proposals that achieve success in obtaining equipment needed for the Makerspace, such as, full size CNC and 3D Printers as well as more space needed to accommodate the demanding need from students.

The Makerspace is unique in that students are encouraged to “own” the space. PI’s (prototyping instructors) lead other students in the use and maintenance of the space, ensuring that the resources remain available to those who wish to use them. To promote and reward creativity, there are only a few strict rules in the Invention Studio. Rather, we promote an ethic of responsibility, safety, and community ownership. In this way, students can explore and develop unconventional ideas in a supporting environment.